I have patients of all ages who bring a wide range of symptoms or concerns to the clinic. What they have in common is their search for a path back to health and well-being. Most often people look to acupuncture because they have developed painful symptoms or have a diagnosis of a medical condition that is not responding to medical advice or medication.

Sometimes people contact me because they have had successful acupuncture treatment in the past or treatment has been recommended to them.

Occasionally, in fact quite often, people come to the clinic because they don’t feel quite right and are curious about acupuncture. 

I practise Classical Five Element, a style of acupuncture that looks for the cause of the distress to enable a deeper healing, relief of symptoms and the promotion of personal growth. In a world where many of us feel under pressure at work or at home, acupuncture can show us a better way to live our lives.

Acupuncture treatment is currently enjoying a boom period as patients increasingly desire a more sympathetic and caring system of medicine that can take them out of suffering.

Appointments and Pricing

An initial consultation and first treatment (approximately 90 minutes) £80

After a discussion about your concerns and a medical history, fine needles are used rebalance the energy

Follow up treatments (approximately 60 minutes) £60 The number of treatments depends entirely on the individual but I recommend four treatments, ideally weekly, to allow an accurate diagnosis and strong positive response

Since meeting Caroline, and being under her spell, I would whole heartedly recommend her-in essence, I believe her treatments for fertility helped nudge Mother Nature in the right direction, and for that I can’t thank her enough – Penny F.