Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine originating in China and yet it is as effective and safe today as it was over two thousand years ago. At its heart is the understanding that we are part of the natural world and we function best physically and emotionally when we are in harmony with nature. The Chinese believed the gift of a long and healthy life was available for all, provided we maintained ourselves in body, mind and spirit.   The Five Elements are an expression of life and exist in all us. We are full of health and vitality when the energy (qi) is equally distributed throughout our body, but when our energy is not able to flow, we can experience physical and emotional pain as a result.

The Five Elements are

Wood, the energy of spring, growth and renewal. In us, it influences our ability to plan, make decisions, develop and achieve our goals

Unbalanced, we may be frustrated, stuck or indecisive

Fire, the energy of summer enables us to laugh and connect with all types of people

Unbalanced, we might feel a sadness inside and a difficulty in managing relationships

Earth, is the energy of late summer and enables us to nurture ourselves and to care for others

Unbalanced, we may be needy or feel an emptiness inside

Metal, is the energy of autumn and it gives us a sense of value and self-worth as well as the ability to let go

Unbalanced, we might set exceptionally high standards, experience a great sense of loss or a longing for what could have been

Water, is the energy of winter. It gives us our identity and the will to survive

Unbalanced, we may feel fearful, lacking determination and unsure of how to proceed

How does it work?

Our energy (qi), you could call it a type of bio electricity, flows continuously throughout the body. It supports all organs and bodily functions as well as our emotions. The availability and quality of this energy is vital for our health and wellbeing.

In the first session I will begin by asking how I can help. I will ask about a patient’s general health and medical history. I will need to assess the state of the energy and to determine how much is available. My diagnosis will take account of a patient’s constitutional and emotional state to establish the underlying cause of the symptoms. The treatment plan is designed to support an individual patient and aims to restore harmony to the system in mind, body and spirit.

The energy (qi) is supplied throughout the body by a system of deep and superficial paths known as meridians. I am able to influence its volume and flow by inserting fine needles at acupuncture points at specific points along the meridians. I may also use Moxabustion which involves gently warming a herb on the skin to enhance the effectiveness of needling.