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In the first treatment, it is important for me to gather as much information about you, your reason for coming, your medical history and your lifestyle. Many patients have a specific reason for coming: it could be headaches, back pain, anxiety or difficulty getting pregnant but others come to the clinic with no particular symptoms but a feeling that they could be happier or more right in themselves. For many of my patients there is an initial reason for coming but as time goes on it becomes obvious that all of us are interested in achieving a feeling of rightness in our bodies and in our minds.

It is very common for patients to arrive at the clinic door having already tried the usual treatment or medication from their GP.  I have some patients who simply prefer to first try a more natural or less invasive form of medicine. Another group of patients are undergoing treatment from a GP or consultant, have had an operation or are on a course of medication and acupuncture treatment to support their recovery.

Sometimes we are not aware of what is missing in our lives. I think the treatment room provides a space to express our needs and can be an essential first step on the road back to a healthier life. 

Treatment involves inserting fine needles into specific acupuncture points located along energy lines in the body. This allows the acupuncturist to unblock and balance a patient's energy, so that they can heal.

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