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 A diagnosis of cancer comes as a complete shock even when it follows the development of new symptoms, pain or a feeling that something was not quite right. 

I work with the cancer charity Penny Brohn as part of a 'wellbeing' team providing care and support to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Acupuncture is offered alongside aromatherapy and meditation as part of the mainstream cancer treatment. In recent years there has been an increasing use of the term 'integrated' medicine to bring together complementary and conventional therapies such as  surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the care of individual patients.

Acupuncture treatment can successfully reduce the side effects whilst providing a supportive and generally stabilising effect on patients both physically and emotionally.

In addition, I am able to spend more time with my patients than can be afforded by conventional doctors, particularly in the NHS. Even if doctors recognize that a patient needs reassurance, the time simply isn't always there. An acupuncture treatment provides this quiet place to invest  and pay attention to allow the body to heal. Five element acupuncture promotes a return to physical balance and can help patients look forwards to a healthier life after cancer.


'When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was like the worst thing ever...and then I developed lymphodema, and it was as if I'd hit rock bottom. Caroline listened to me and looked at me as a whole, not just at the medical problems that I had. After  treatment my arm felt less heavy and the pain in my shoulder disappeared. Gradually, I started to feel more like myself. Now, I have acupuncture to keep me motivated in making healthy choices.

Sarah M.

'Following surgery, chemo and radio-therapy for cancer, I was so tired and afraid of how I was going to cope when I went back to work. Caroline gave me weekly acupuncture which helped my body to heal and gave me back the self-confidence that I needed to get on with my life'
Jenny T.